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Question which display to choose for my setup? Post thread. Big problem with my first build!

How to Use a PC as a Second Monitor to a Mac |

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How to use a laptop as a Secondary Monitor

Friday at PM. Aug 7, Aug 5, Question Cant setup dual monitors. Install both as you would any other app. Plug your iPad into your computer with a lightning-to-USB cable, and your iPad should light up with an extension of your Windows or Mac desktop. It could not be any simpler.

– Thorin Klosowski, Lifehacker

By default, Duet Display assumes your iPad is to the right of your computer, but if you put it on the left like I do , you can adjust your settings so your mouse works properly. You should see two squares—one representing your main computer monitor, and the other representing your iPad.

From here, you can adjust a number of other display settings. As for resolution, try a couple options and see what works best for you. In our experience, Duet Display is as good as it gets. Moving apps to the iPad is as simple as dragging them from the MacBook to the tablet. While there are occasional lags due to the network, for the most part the duo works smoothly. This has two advantages that provide a great working environment. It adds touch control to OS X, at least on the second monitor.

I use the two-monitor configuration with Air Display for writing articles, and it works great. I put the Evernote editor, which I use for all my writing, on the iPad Air screen and the web browser on the larger MacBook Air display.

Be Twice As Productive

This lets me refer to the web as needed without leaving the writing screen. This is just a single example; you can use the dual screens any way that makes sense. One cool feature of Air Display is invoked when you need to use the iPad in the middle of a session. Hitting the Home button on the iPad takes you to the iOS screen for normal tablet use.

When you do this, Air Display takes a snapshot of the second monitor, ie. This serves as a reminder that you can return to the two-monitor configuration by running Air Display on the iPad, which resumes where you left off in OS X.

Use the iPad Air as a second monitor for Mac and Windows laptops

The dual Air system is a dynamic duo that creates a desktop-class working environment while working remotely. It takes little more space than the MacBook Air alone, yet packs a wallop.

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Sitting in the coffee shop with a two-monitor system is very productive. It is an effective configuration for the business traveler, too. The host app works with Windows 7 and 8. While it may feel strange using an iPad as a second monitor for a Windows system, the utility makes it worthwhile.

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As mentioned, Air Display works with Android tablets. It can also use other computers laptops especially as second monitors.