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The MAC foundation system makes finding your exact match a lot If you have dry skin and want to keep things matte, Studio Fix Sculpt Foundation (P2 In my case, Beny figured that my skin looked closest to NC37, so he.

They are fantastic soft touch and low profile. I have purchased 7 or 8 of them in the last 5 years because they WILL break, usually within 12 months. By that I mean that a some or multiple letters or numbers on the keyboard will cease to function. This has happened on every single one. I always keep a spare in a box on the shelf for the day this one dies. Probably a good product to take them up on the protection plan.

Great keyboard with excellent tactile feel. I won't use any other wired keyboard. Plus the function keys do what the icons say.

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Because I use it all day, five days a week, I clean it using those Clorox wipes. I take a Clorox sheet and cover my index finger with the cloth. I then scrub clean each key back to their brilliant white. The wipes are dry enough where they don't leak but give them a good twist and squeeze just to make sure before using. It takes a while to scrub each key but you don't end up with a shorted-out keyboard from dripping moisture into the circuitry.

I don't use the Bluetooth keyboards as they can't keep up with my typing speed. Have to wait for them to keep up. This keyboard had no delay. I love this keyboard. I bought it in and I'm still using it, actually to type this review. I like that it has the numbered portion to the keyboard. It also came with an extension for the cord in case the cord is too short for your needs.

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It also has two extra USB hubs on the sides of the keyboard. I use these all the time. It is way easier then plugging a USB into the back of my iMac. The other two keyboards: My wife uses one with her MacBook Pro, and the other lives in my rollaboard suitcase for when I travel overnight. Why do I like this keyboard so much: I also use a wired mouse. The keyboard on my desk has one USB port used for the mouse, the other for my Time Machine backup hard drive. There are several versions of this full-sized keyboard.

The only real difference is on the uses for the top row of function keys. Glad to find and have an Apple keyboard since mine started breaking down. It doesn't quite feel like the old one. Difficult to insert plugs for mouse and other devices. Keys not as smooth feeling, but so happy to have a keyboard that is familiar to the one I had and has the Apple aesthetics.

Jul 17, The key to this is the language you intend to use.

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Clearly you want the azerty if you intend to write in French. Take a look through the options in "More like this' to the right of your initial post; that will show you other people's questions of a similar nature.

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Are you sure OS X is set up to use an English keyboard layout? If it's French, it's normal that it doesn't work properly. Can you type correctly now?

Jul 17, 1: That is nonsense. Regardless of the language you are typing, you want the kind of keyboard you are used to. Typing French on a qwerty keyboard is no problem at all.

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That just means that someone has made the French keyboard layout active instead of US or British. Fair comment, Tom, but English keyboards cannot allow for accents anywhere near as easily as the Azerty version. As you say, you want the keyboard you are used to and if you are typing in French, ideally you would want the keyboard that allows you to type naturally Jul 18, 4: For a qwerty touch-typist, I would guess that the most natural layout for inputting a lot of French would be US International PC, where you just hit the ' key before the e, etc.

I would think that switching to azerty would require abandoning touch typing for most users. Jul 21, 1: Thanks all - but actually it is even simpler question: Despite being based in France it is not accents or French keyboards they are concerned about: However they wanted to purchase the iMac in France, where they now live, as this would be simpler to deal with any hardware repairs or after service etc.

But the problem they faced seemed to be down to restrictions on hardware maybe software too that is purchased in France being "forced" onto a French system. I find it incredulous. I also find it very strange indeed that the Apple Store in France conceded that it was not possible for them to sell an iMac and qwerty keyboard and have this working correctly. So they took back the iMac as they were unable to configure it for my folk. All in all an unbelievable experience that I am trying to investigate further.

Otherwise other apps default to azerty settings. Anyone agree this would happen?? Apple Store France seemed to think so.

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  • The "Loi Toubon" see http: Mind boggling, protectionism, incompetence or beyond scope for Apple Store etc - either way I'm trying to find out if any of what I describe has any truth. Jul 21, 2: Then the UK keyboard should work perfectly. If you buy third-party applications in France, they might only support the French language. If in doubt, but such applications over the Internet from the UK. I don't believe that having a French App Store account should be a problem.

    Some of the content on the Fench iTunes store will naturally be in French, but many of the apps will be international ones e. I don't know whether it helps to clarify things, but the French and UK keyboards are effectively the same apart from the letters printed on the keys. So when you press an "A" on the French keyboard it sends the same code to the computer as when you press the "Q" on the UK keyboard, since they are the same key. It is the "Input Sources" setting on the computer that determines how those codes are interpreted as letters.

    It's as simple as that. No, this is total nonsense. You uncheck the box for French and make sure only the box for US or British is checked. That way you will see a US or British flag at the top right of the screen for a qwerty layout. If you let the French store set up the iMac using an azerty layout, it is not impossible that the Login page may be stuck on that.